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  1. Web Hosting is optional. There is NO DISCOUNT if you choose to use your own hosting company or we refer you to another company do to disk space or bandwidth issues.
  2. All hosting includes a comprehensive CPanel with excellent stat information and a lite live web editor and so much more.
  3. CMS (Content Management Systems) allow you to be able to access and edit your website without going through your cpanel or using FTP. We use the WordPress platform is super seo friendly and Google loves the wordpress platform. Our Discovery Towers Website is built on the wordpress platform so no one can really tell visually that it’s a wordpress website.
  4. All packages allow for input from the client.
  5. FREE LIMITED UPDATES: This is for image changes and text changes only.
  6. Additional features not originally included in the initial package are subject to additional charges.
  7. Popups: We do not do popup advertising on any of our packaging.

Website Basics:

We know the website comes first simply because it’s going to be the most powerful marketing and sales tool you’ll have in your business tool box. If you do it right the first time, you’ll see results a whole lot faster.

The Design:

The design needs to be clean, professional and attractive. How many times have you gone to pick out a box of cereal in the grocery isle, find that it had either a crunched corner or razor knife slice in it? Only to put it back and get a nice sharp, clean looking box of cereal?  You know the contents are still good and there is nothing wrong with it. You know you’ll likely tear the top of the box up just opening it when you get home. So why did you get the good looking one?  IT’s ALL ABOUT PACKAGING.  The saying goes… “You can sell a GREAT ITEM in bad packaging some of the time, but you can sell BAD ITEMS in GREAT packaging MOST of the TIME!

First Online Impression: 

The design will be your first impression, and within just a few moments the layout of the content will confirm whether they believe what you are selling or not.

Proper Navigation:

Easy navigation that the visitor can understand instantly and the searchbots can access and crawl with ease is critical.

Content Is King:

Now you have to have content not just for your potential customers but for the search engines as well. Having a lot of content and becoming an “Authoritive” website is more important than you may understand.

Stickiness & Action:

Once someone is visiting your website, it’s critical to get them to stay on your site as long as necessary to motivate them to take some sort of action. CAll you on the phone, Capture an email address and name for something for free, Send you an email with question via a form on the home page or at the VERY LEAST, Click a single button and Bookmark your site so they don’t forget where you are assuming they like what they see.

Drive Traffic To Your Website:

The stickiness and action above won’t happen at all if no one can find your website and that brings us to the last step in having a successful website. Search Engine Optimization. There are many processes that you can do to drive traffic to your site, but we focus on targeted traffic. Way too many newbie and even the lazy experienced SEO experts/gurus will send you a ton of traffic that is impressive in your stats but gets you absolutely no sales.  So it’s super important to know and understand what type of traffic you really need. Social Media is the buzz word for 2012 but believe me when I tell you, you don’t have time to play the social media game if your busy closing sales or doing the work. Proper effective ORGANIC rankings is still the best way to attract HOT LEADS that are looking for you products and/or services now…

How Long Does Building A Website Take? It all depends on the size of the project. The promptness of you providing us content, How quick you can review and approve. Typically most delays come from the customer being distracted and not focusing on the website project.

Just give us a call and we’ll discuss it all with you. No cost or obligation..